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Waylon Jennings: The Lost Nashville Sessions

Taking the vocal tracks from recording sessions done for the U.S. military’s recruitment program in 1970, this collection then wraps them in an anachronistically glossy sheen.


Waylon Jennings Live from Austin, TX '84

An incendiary performance on an iconic stage from a larger-than-life legend like this is mighty special.

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Full Frame 3: The Bad, the Ugly, the Cute and the Delicious

Subversive behavior is encouraged, girl-watching is indulged, Hunter S. Thompson gets some respect, and the pig-out at the wrap-up Awards Barbeque begins.

Kevin Greer, Jyllian Gunther, and Isaac Miller

Waylon Jennings: Nashville Rebel [DVD]

Waylon's a cult fave for the young, hipster country rock set, and it's easy to see why: not just because his son Shooter is keeping his memory alive but also because the big daddy knew how to rock it.

Leigh H. Edwards

Misc. Artists: Outlaw Country: Live From Austin, TX [DVD]

The effort to share music with fellow travelers and the appreciative Austin audience is a key part of that painful, uncertain effort to reach insight and express meaning through the music.

Leigh H. Edwards

Waylon Jennings, Jukebox Hero

The Waylon Jennings boxset Nashville Rebel gives reason to consider Jennings as not just a country-music outlaw, but a Wurlitzer Prize winner, whose voice from a jukebox can erase all the pain in the world just by giving voice to it.

Dave Heaton

Waylon Jennings: Live From Austin TX [DVD]

It's hard to go wrong with a DVD comprised of Waylon Jennings playing a healthy collection of his best songs.

Dan MacIntosh

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete First Season

Embracing NASCAR, stunt driving, and short shorts, the series had such a good time being ridiculous that it was often fun to tag along.

Leigh H. Edwards

Waylon Jennings: Ultimate Waylon Jennings

The album has about two-thirds of essentials and one-third of filler or material that is far from required listening. A better bet would be the recent live album.

Jason MacNeil

Various Artists: Lonesome, On'ry, and Mean: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings

In 1995, Waylon Jennings said of country music's conformity, "It's all vanilla as far as I'm concerned".

S. Renee Dechert

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