Tal National - "Akokas" (audio/video) (premiere)

Photo: Jason Creps (Fat Cat Records)

Niger's Tal National returns with its distinct brand of celebratory rock on "Akokas".

Tal National's sound is as diverse as the group's native Niger. In that nation, a variety of ethnic factions seek to have their voices heard in the mainstream and though that's not always possible within the nation, the band itself makes that recognition a distinct part of its musical expression. Incorporating elements of kora, highlife, and Afrobeat (among others) in its sound, Tal National emerges with a sound that is unforgettable.

On "Akokas", culled from the new album Tantabara, out 9 February via FatCat Records, the listener is treated to searing, soaring guitar lines, vocals that alternate between mournful and celebratory and rhythms that elevate the soul. Though the designation of "world music" serves its purpose, Tal National reminds us here that there's something deeper to its music than any genre slot or critical assignment could hope to capture. Perhaps that's why the group refers to itself simply as a rock band, casting aside unnecessarily complicated distinctions that only clutter the listening experience.

Having already visited (and impressed) audiences in the United States, the group will return to American shores shortly after the release of Tantabara while continuing to reach out to audiences around the world.

Tantabara will be available on LP, CD and download on February 9th, 2018 via FatCat Records. Pre-orders are available.

02/22 Marlboro, NY @ The Falcon
02/23 Brooklyn, NY @ Littlefiend
02/24 Boston, MA @ House of Blues
02/25 Portland, ME @ Space Gallery
02/27 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine
03/03 Rockland, ME @ The Strand Theatre
03/17 Baltimore, MD @ Creative Alliance
03/18 Charleston, WV @ Mountain Stage
03/23 Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival
03/24 Atlanta, GA @ Smith's Olde Bar

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