Talay - "CITY" (audio) (premiere)

Photo credits: Shervin Lainez

Megan Talay's second EP veers in a totally different, and thrilling, direction than her first.

Megan Talay is a regular in the New York music scene, playing in the Guns N' Roses cover band Guns N' Hoses, sitting in as a session musician and fronting her own band. In 2015, Talay released her first EP, Piece by Piece, a rootsy rock set of five tracks. In June, she's set to release her follow-up, Talay with five new tracks. But this time the young singer-songwriter has leaned hard on a pop-rock sound.

"CITY" opens with a sonic rush and a skronking guitar that grab the listener. Talay explains, "musically, it was pretty 80's inspired -- I had been learning a bunch of cover tunes to work as a singer/guitarist in a wedding band, and I pulled a lot from Pat Benatar's "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" for this song, in terms of the guitar riffs and solo."

She continues, it "is one of the oldest songs on the EP... It's really just inspired by that NYC hustle mentality and trying to hold onto the aspirations behind all the effort." With its whoo-ooh-ing chorus and strained guitar sound, "CITY" is simply fun even if you've never been to the Big Apple. But if you are in the area, Talay will be celebrating the release of her self-titled EP at Alphaville in Brooklyn on May 31st. Visit the venue's site to get more details.

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