Tamara Laurel - "Come on Come On" (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter shows explores an artist's musical dream on her new video.

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Tamara Laurel just released her beguiling new album Runaway a couple weeks ago, a sleek yet rootsy blend of mainstream country, folk, and Americana. All three sides are on display on the track "Come on Come On", and the new video, which can be seen below, takes a look at different sides of the artist herself.

"'Come On Come On' was written, directed and edited by Ryan Hawkins, and shot by Daniel Maitland," Laurel tells PopMatters "Ryan came up with the storyline which follows the protagonist through varying layers of her musical dream -- pursuit of passion, pursuit of fame, and pursuit of some rare and perfect utopia -- each represented on old '90s televisions. We had an amazing time shooting it and I got to be a Cubs fan for a day."

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