Tamy - "Dava Pra Ver" (audio) (premiere)

The Brazilian singer-songwriter takes her wide-ranging talent to American shores.

Two years after releasing her this album Careira in her native Brazil and touring the globe in support of it, singer-songwriter Tamy has her sights set on America, as the album will be released there on 30 October via Zip Records. A lithe, seductive, rich mix of reggae, samba, bossa nova, côco, forró, marcha, and rancho, the album at once laid back and cosmopolitan, beautifully exemplified by the gorgeous "Dava Pra Ver", which if my Portuguese translation is correct, means "I can see".

“Caieira is an album made of 'Saudade': a Portuguese word that means the quality of missing someone or some place you love, not necessarily with gloom or pain, but in a more tranquil way, and always with love," Tamy explains. "I made this record in Rio de Janeiro. I composed, recorded and produced it there. Yet Rio de Janeiro is not my hometown. I lived in Rio and I liked being in that beautiful big city, but I missed my hometown, my family and my lifelong friends. I decided to call the album Caieira after an island located in my hometown of Vitória, capital of the State of Espírito Santo, that evokes teenage memories, Caieira is a tiny island that I return to every once in a while to find peace. It’s where I learned what music means in my life.”

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