Tanga Create a Full-scale Tropical Explosion on "Guanchaka (Afrosavile)" (premiere)

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Timeless and contemporary styles come together in a full-scale tropical explosion, complex, colorful, and above all, a good time.

Four years ago, self-proclaimed world fusion mob Tanga went to the source, recording album Havanaelectrico in Cuba. Now, the group's travels take them from Tanga's home base in Vancouver to the dancefloors of Ecuador, where they and local artists collaborate on upcoming album Reencarnación, out 7 March on TrebleFive Music. Inspired by the country's lush landscapes and vibrant club scenes, new track "Guanchaka (Afrosavile)" features the dancehall sounds of Ecuadorian MC Guanaco and rolling salsa rhythms from 10-piece Orquesta la Avellana. Timeless and contemporary styles come together in a full-scale tropical explosion, complex, colorful, and above all, a good time.

The track "was fueled by aguardiente, warm mountain breezes, and good vibes," notes bandleader Malcolm Aiken. "We recorded deep into the night and came out with a great track and super close friends." It's a rich mix, and one that speaks to the inclusive nature of Tanga's compositional process. "Musical collaboration and the creation of new sounds and unique combinations of world rhythms is what inspires us," Aiken says, "and fuels the band to continue to travel and create these collaborative opportunities."

Tanga's versatility cannot be overstated; the disparate elements that make up "Guanchaka (Afrosavile)" are arranged in perfect harmony, melding together electronically-enhanced energy, Afro-Ecuadorian sonic history, and folkloric Andean soundscapes in a never-before-heard way. "Drawing from our travels and always trying to bring our own voice into the mix," Aiken continues, "we are always trying to develop new sounds and rhythms from this quixotic brew of influences." This latest track is proof positive of the band's continued ability to create, and Reencarnación promises to be a pan-American masterpiece.

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