Teengirl Fantasy - "Star-rise" (Singles Going Steady)

The cosmic sounds take one on a journey to the outer space that lies within.

Steve Horowitz: "Going to the car wash...." whatever happened to Rose Royce? No matter, this video brilliantly exposes the show on the windshield thanks to the space age music of Teengirl Fantasy. It beats going to a Pink Floyd laser show or whatever else is happening at one's local Planetarium. The cosmic sounds take one on a journey to the outer space that lies within. The mixture of the mundane and the magic reveals there is no difference between the two as we are only stardust. [8/10]

Andrew Paschal: Teengirl Fantasy certainly picked an apt title for this one. The looping synth cascades that open the song are nothing if not celestial, though with an innocence, simplicity, and nostalgia to them that recalls soundtracks to old school Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, or even Super Mario games. The heavier beats add an element of self-seriousness to the song's otherwise whimsical journey, as though trying to reassure listeners that this is still music for adults even as it gestures toward childhood. Still, despite the dissonance, this creates, "Star-rise" will likely land well with any whose tastes favor the ethereal. [7/10]

Adriane Pontecorvo: Teengirl Fantasy finds wonder in the mundane on “Star-rise”. The carwash visual is apt; there’s nothing new or innovative happening on this track, but it creates beautiful little moments that bubble up beneath the surface of it. It’s a fun experiment in twinkling synths and handclaps, and it soothes the mind just a little. [6/10]

Chris Ingalls: You have to give these guys credit -- a video that merely documents a car wash must have saved them a bundle. Musically, the swirling electronics and insistent-yet-soothing beats create a hypnotic experience. The duo of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss insist on both warmth and edge to create a bright, welcome sound. [8/10]

Teengirl Fantasy's new album 8AM releases 24 March via Planet Mu.

SCORE: 7.25

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