Tellers Head "West" on Their Nostalgic New Single (premiere)

Photo: Elizabeth Tesone

On "West", frontwoman Sarah Feinberg shines as she delivers a captivating, emotionally complex performance alongside her rocking band.

In little more than two minutes, Tellers create a captivating, nostalgic atmosphere in "West" that stays with you long after it's over. Such is the magic of Everett, Washington's Sarah Feinberg and the band she's developed alongside Brad Heyne, Tyler Chism, and Isaac Melum. The tune rocks, carrying listeners with a particular warmth through its short but sweet runtime that feels evocative of the home we all remember from our younger years but can no longer return in the present. For even a moment, it brings you back to those simpler times if you let it.

As it turns out, that was the intention of Feinberg when she wrote the tune. She tells PopMatters, "I wrote 'West' at a time when I was dealing with losing faith in many of the foundational figures and ideals that I had held dear. It was a time of confusion and grief. I felt lost and needed home. 'West' was inspired by a handful of moments where I found myself face to face with friends that felt like family and family members that felt like friends. Ultimately, 'West' is about coming back to familiar things and returning to find that uncomplicated self, if only for a second."

With a certain lilt to her voice, Feinberg sells complex emotions in her performance with incredible ease. Like Brandi Carlile, there's a particular feeling that she can slink into not only as a songwriter but as a performer, that helps to seal the deal on her music maintaining authenticity and authority. Her band, of course, is top-notch as well. Together, they form an indelible quartet. Wherever they're headed next on their journey, "West" is a great place to start.

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