TENTS Lift Listeners Up With "Light Light Weight" (premiere)

Photo: Adam Levy

Portland outfit TENTS leans into '80s pop for the inspirational single "Light Light Weight".

Portland's TENTS celebrates the release of its debut LP, Deer Keeps Pace, with a new video, "Light Light Weight", a track that captures the inspirational uplift of U2 in its halcyon days albeit buoyed not by atmospheric guitar lines but cool waves of synthesizers. The simplicity of the track, coupled with a clear-eyed and earnest vocal performance carry the tune across the victory line, leaving the listener to hit the play button one more time. (And, yes, the video is cool, but it'd be nothing without the tune that accompanies it.)

The sense that there's something uplifting, even spiritual is no mistake, according to the group's Brian Hall, who says, "Josh Brine, our drummer, went to Italy and hung out on a nude beach with his wife. He came back talking about how spiritual of an experience it was to be completely naked with other people and at ease, unashamed. Franke Simone is a good friend, and she sings about self-acceptance a lot. I am a bit chubby and have my own challenges in relation to body image and self-esteem. 'Light Light Weight' is about all these topics which were swirling around in my head at the time I wrote it. Beyond body image, this song is about being vulnerable with the whole self. As an artist, this can be very scary. It serves as a sort of anthem for us as a band. Reminds us why we're on stage."

Deer Keeps Pace is out 11 May via Badman Recording Company.

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