TEPR - "Half Below" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Magali Bragard

After leaving Yelle in 2014, French producer Tanguy Destable has been hard at work on his TEPR project.

After leaving Yelle in 2014, French producer Tanguy Destable has been hard at work on his TEPR project and last year he released the Half Below EP. Destable rediscovered his love of house music and wanted to meld that with some clubby pop appeal as well. But "Half Below" is more than that as the new video shows off a deep trippy side with all manner of animated mouths, including mouths that replace eyes on Destable's face. There's a darkness at the heart of this song and the video perfectly captures that vibe.

Destable tells PopMatters that he "had this idea of a 'three mouths face' music video for a while now and to me it seemed impossible to achieve unless I could have the Pixar army under my command. Then one day, the ELMO boss texted me out of nowhere 'Dude, I love your music, let’s make a video together'. I knew their motion design and 3D work from the Martin Solveig's videos so I was excited. I proposed my 'mouths' idea and three months later I received this insane / cute / weird / fun video that takes the dark tone of the track away, but still keep it in a 'freak show' vibe."

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