Tess - "Love Gun" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Fabien Dumas

French singer Tess impresses with some electropop island vibes in her latest video, "Love Gun".

Tess Océane Joffroy hails from Saint Denis on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and that stunningly gorgeous location is the setting for Tess' new video for the single "Love Gun". The island vibes imbue "Love Gun" with warmth and mellowness as the sound of waves lapping the shore intertwine with the instrumentation. Meanwhile, Tess' electropop aesthetic embraces minimalist textures and quiet space within the confines of a traditional pop song. That allows Tess' music to both feel vast and intimate at the same time. Tess' voice recalls Björk and the Knife at moments, but she's more resolutely pop like an Ellie Goulding or Hannah Reid (London Grammar), and her music draws more from R&B than those aforementioned northern artists.

Tess tells PopMatters that "it was so peaceful to sing Love Gun in this amazing place, hearing the sounds of the waves and feeling the sun warming me up. I just love to be in harmony with nature."

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