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Thayer Sarrano’s Poetic, Gothic “I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty” Establishes Exciting New Voice (premiere)

Georgia singer-songwriter Thayer Sarrano explores the boundaries between song and poem on "I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty".

Thayer Sarrano‘s latest single, “I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty”, out October 5th, captures the haunting, country/goth inflections of the Georgia-born vocalist’s voice and musical inclinations. Sarrano has called the tune, “a love song to the universe” and in its 12 verses, it further establishes her as a voice to notice. The tune is coupled with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “If It Be Your Will”, culminating in an experience that deepens the conversation of songwriter-as-poet. (The B-side features Andy LeMaster on vocals and guitar with Sarrano handling keys and lead vocals.

Sarrano says of “I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty”, “it’s just an old melody that I’ve had in my head for a long time, and I recorded an instrumental of it a while ago. It sort of became a soundtrack loop for the more transcendent times I’d experience, but I never thought I’d come up with lyrics. Then one day I heard the loop with images of these surrealist landscapes, animated, playing out kind of an abstract storyline that I don’t fully understand, just glimpses, but I know it’s positive. So that’s why I call it a love song because it’s a song from love. It’s hard to put into words, but I guess one aspect is just that feeling of being overwhelmed with the beauty of what you don’t understand and getting to feel connected to something greater, feeling a part of the sound.”

The single may be pre-ordered here. The 7″-inch vinyl single will be accompanied by a digital download and book, which is hardcover, 60 pages with handmade original drawings and lyrics.


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