Photo: Greg Giannukos

The Band of Heathens – “All I’m Asking” (audio) (premiere)

Americana's the Band of Heathens share a poppy new song "All I'm Asking" ahead of Duende releasing in January.

Critically acclaimed American group the Band of Heathens are releasing their first studio album since 2013 this coming January 13th. Duende will be the Texas band’s fifth studio album and it adds some new sounds to their palette, including this pop-driven number, “All I’m Asking”, that we’re premiering today. Don’t be fooled into thinking Duende is all pop, though; this album shows the greatest degree of musical exploration centered around their Americana core. You’re going to hear some rockers, country twang, honky-tonk blues, New Orleans R&B, and Boogie-woogie. Ed Jurdi says, “I feel the album brings together all our influences, everything we’ve done over the years as a band. We’ve touched on every part of our career, our roots, some singer/songwriter contemplative stuff, some high-energy rock ‘n’ roll. It’s all us, the record we were supposed to make. Ten years later, that’s what keeps us coming back.”

Meanwhile, Duende explores some potent themes throughout the album, including consumer culture, the lonely side of technology and social media, a feeling of connection with those to be hardest hit by Donald Trump’s policies, and the loss of love. That sense of loss is examined in the new single “All I’m Asking”, wherein Jurdi copes with the loss of his wife. Jurdi says, “The key ingredients that made this song come together are a monster backbeat with a primal groove, a lush Phil Spector-like sonic template, with multi-tracked voices, guitars, keyboards and percussion, and a real honest and earnest lyrical sentiment. It’s a classic pleading love song that captures the feelings of longing and loss but is still full of hope. It’s easy to sing-along to and grooves like crazy, but has a bit of a cerebral side all at the same time.”

The Band of Heathens’ new album, Duende, releases 13 January and is available for pre-order now.