The Battlefield- "Last Train Home" (audio) (premiere)

The Americana trio returns with the sweetest new Christmas song you'll hear this year.

We love the Battlefield around these parts, and for good reason, as the Los Angeles trio makes beautiful Americana/folk music. And when they came to us with a sweet new song just in time for the holiday season, how could we say no? Perfectly timed for Thanksgiving weekend, "Last Train Home" is a cute yet melancholy portrait of loneliness during the holidays.

"Christmas time is so vibrant & festive," says Jenny Weaver. "However, all the lights, decorations, music & merriment can be difficult for those who are lonely or missing that special someone. 'Last Train Home' plays with the concept of that, exploring the struggle of a person who recognizes the beauty & magic of the Christmas season all around them, yet is unable to take part and enjoy it because they don't have the person they love with them. Although the possibility exists that they may still be able to be together. Even though it maybe 'foolish for to hold out hope, that you'd grace this place and knock on my door' -- there's a clear sense of eagerness. All the while the music carries along in a fun and steady shuffle (almost like that of a train); a classic cheerful Christmas sound (sleigh bells & all); with a refrain that you're sure to be singing back after your first listen."

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