The Besnard Lakes - "Golden Lion" (Singles Going Steady)

"Golden Lion" is a step toward the direction of stadium rock, if said rock felt much dreamier.

Paul Duffus: I've always thought the Besnard Lakes sounded like the Cocteau Twins in viking helmets. "Golden Lion" though is more like Going Blank Again era Ride galloping across a burning peat bog on a wild stallion. All of which is just a way of saying that this is good. This is really good. [8/10]

Kevin Korber: I was always a little surprised that the Besnard Lakes didn’t rise to the level of My Morning Jacket or Cage the Elephant. That’s not because the Besnard Lakes are so great; it’s because this strain of bland, vaguely-classist jam-rock has an inexplicable level of popularity these days, and the Besnard Lakes are definitely more interesting to listen to than whatever Jim James is yelping about these days. Enjoy the opening slot at Firefly, boys; if it were up to me, you’d be higher on the bill. [6/10]

Dustin Ragucos: Simple haze here with some simple chords there. "Golden Lion" is a step toward the direction of stadium rock, if said rock felt much dreamier. It's statuesque rather than animated, making this track lack the oomph a lion with a perfectly golden coat would have. [5/10]

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