The Black Watch - "Pershing/Harvard Square" (audio) (premiere)

The long-running California indie band are back with their 13th album.

Led by singer-songwriter John Andrew Fredrick, California indie rock veterans the Black Watch are set to release Highs & Lows, their 13th album in 27 years. New track "Pershing/Harvard Square" is a prime example of Fredrick's knack for clever and extremely catchy songs, and this one is highlighted by a name-dropped musician in the central hook.

“I jotted down the whole thing early one morning after coffee," Fredrick explains. "I often think about the sort of person you meet in Los Angeles who, as the line in the song goes, thinks they’re Chrissie Hynde or something just because they ‘say strange things’ to people, at parties or wherever.”

Highs & Lows will be released on 4 December.

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