The Breton Sound: Don’t Be Afraid of Rock & Roll Vol. 1 EP

"Where did you go, Rivers Cuomo?" Right here, kind-of.
The Breton Sound
Don't Be Afraid of Rock & Roll Vol. 1 EP

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that anyone who loves Weezer is a friend of this reviewer. Given that New Orleans rock band the Breton Sound recently dedicated themselves to playing the Blue Album in its entirety over at Gasa Casa, they’re most certainly my friends. Even friends make mistakes.

As it stands, the band, comprised of guitarists Jonathan Pretus and Stephen Turner, with John and Joe Bourgeois holding down the rhythmic section, does wonders in proving that decent, unbridled “’90s flavored” rock is still alive and well. At times, it becomes more evident than not that the outlet had begun as a Weezer cover band, with a rigid, Cuomos-esque delivery from Pretus sealing the deal. For merely taking inspiration from EZ Squirt Ketchup-era kids bears well for the band’s future. The songs are catchy and can easily take on a radio presence. From here on out, it’s all about developing a presence of their own.

RATING 6 / 10