The Brothers Comatose – “Get Me Home” (video) (premiere)

The Brothers Comatose continue to redefine bluegrass with this blazing track about longing for the comforts of home.

The amount of musicians hoping to “make it” in the world is innumerable. Few out of the droves eventually do succeed, but for those who do break the mold and become respected touring artists, these individuals are now presented with their own set of problems.

This is the theme at the center of the Brothers Comatose‘s single, “Get Me Home”, and its accompanying music video. Despite the struggles that one faces while out on the road, everything ultimately has a happy and stable ending — as well as a humorous one, as far as the video is concerned.

Upright bassist Gio Benedetti says as much: “‘Get Me Home’ reflects the struggle for commitment and fidelity in a relationship that has to survive the rigors of artists hitting the road while their partners are at home. Life as a nationally touring act has its extreme highs and lows. As the days go on with show after show, relationships must bear increasing distance, temptations, and loneliness. Despite crazy schedules and differing experiences between two lovers, ‘Get Me Home’ keeps the gravity of being faithful and remembering the promises made at the center of one’s life while touring the world.”

Sonically, the band continues to innovate with its newgrass leanings. They continuously push the envelope of traditional acoustic music with their tunes and “Get Me Home” is no exception. The blazing number only helps the progressive outlet continue to transcend the boundaries of bluegrass music and give it a modernized definition. Along with producer John Vanderslice, they do this all whilst capturing the very raw and real sense of yearning one can have for home when out on the road for so many weeks and months at a time.