The Chapin Sisters - 'Today's Not Yesterday' (album stream) (premiere)

Photo by Seth Thomas

The LA duo step outside folk into more lushly-arranged country, pop, and rock.

Best known for touring alongside (and often backing up) twee titans She and Him, Los Angeles duo the Chapin Sisters have amassed a formidable body of work on their own. Their latest album Today's Not Yesterday is a terrific showcase of just how versatile they are, as Abigail and Lily Chapin veer gracefully from folk, to country, to grittier Americana, to psychedelic rock, to 1970s mainstream pop, from the Carpenters to Fleetwood Mac. One of the most remarkable aspects of this record is how such a diverse record retains such consistency, which is where the beauty and charm of the sisters' voices comes in.

"We had made demos of the songs that were acoustic, but these particular songs needed a full band," Abigail says. "They have a rock 'n' roll vibe that some of our songs don’t. Some of my favorite records are acoustic records, just a guitar and vocals and I think we’d like to do that in the future, but for this particular batch of songs it felt like it needed to be more psychedelic, and louder with the rhythm behind it.”

Today's Not Yesterdaywill be released on 23 October, but can be heard in its entirety below.

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