The Clash, The Raveonettes, Todos Tus Muertos…

The Clash – Live: Revolution Rock

This new Clash live show documentary will be airing on PBS stations in the US in March and will be coming to DVD via Sony/Legacy on 15 April. The 60-minute program highlights some of the best performances from the seminal band’s all-too-brief career, ranging from live-in-studio bits to playing Shea Stadium during the Combat Rock tour.

The Raveonettes

Aly, Walk With Me [MP3]


Todos Tus Muertos

Andate [MP3]


Legendary Argentine rasta-punk band’s greatest hits record makes their music available in the United States for the first time in ten years. A unique mixture of social messages and massive doses of punk, ragga, reggae and raw energy.

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Everthus the Deadbeats

Organics Mechanics [MP3]


Eric Matthews

Little 18 [MP3]