The Cuckoos Show Us What Becomes of the Brokenhearted on “Heartbreak Paradise” (premiere)

Austin, Texas psych and soul dealers the Cuckoos deliver new single that's one step beyond.

The Cuckoos have a reputation for mixing the eerie, post-punk sounds of Joy Division with psychedelia and funk. You can hear that unlikely but seamless blend on the Austin, Texas outfit‘s new single, “Heartbreak Paradise”, which is out 14 February. Here, the group transports us back to an era filled with the kind of vibrant hues favored by the Doors and Love while remaining very much of this moment and, ever so slightly, the future. The song’s lyrics combine a truly timeless topic with something perhaps one step ahead of the present.

“It’s about a place for all the people that have fallen in and out of love,” says vocalist/keyboardist Kenneth Frost. “It’s a place that serves as a temporary fix for those longing for love but who are unable to move on from what they’ve lost.” He adds that the tune, recorded in little more than a day in Austin studio the Bubble, at a session helmed by Frenchie Smith, is another step forward for the band. “I think we all pushed each other to try new things and experiment in the studio,” offers Frost. “Hopefully we’ll continue to surprise people with every new song.”