The Curious Incident - 'Penny Lonesome' (EP stream) (premiere)

The London band's effervescent, reggae-tinged indie rock lends a sunny air to their new EP.

Bearing a cute resemblance to Vampire Weekend, UB40, and early Elvis Costello, London foursome the Curious Incident shamelessly incorporate sunny reggae and Afrobeat influences into their effervescent indie pop. It's infectious and very smartly written, and can be streamed in its entirely below.

"Penny Lonesome is our first born and after an eventful pregnancy, we're so excited for her first day of school!" the band say adorably. "We hope that she hangs out with both the nerds and the jocks and that she excels at arts & crafts. She'll be the queen of the playground yet will also know the value of nap-time. She'll enjoy her veggies and stand out from her friends because she'll like a bit of spice! After a long and fun day, Penny Lonesome will come home and not feel lonely as her baby brother is already on the way."

Penny's first day of school is 30 October. We wish her the best of luck.

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