The Elwins - "Watercolour" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Jesse Korgemaa

The Ontario outlet makes a car wash compelling in their effervescent new music video.

If one were to describe the Elwins' newest lyric video in a single word, it would be "effervescent". It's vivacious output from the JUNO-nominated Toronto collective that positively bursts with colors. That is well-fitting, all considered that this is a video representation of their current single, "Watercolour". Although, this writer is still left scratching his head over how they could make something as simple as a car wash so utterly compelling.

The song is the latest the be featured from their recent full-length release, Beauty Community. It is an upbeat, infectious listen from the moment it starts to spin. It maintains a palpable bass line teaming up with bright and sunny synth to make up its primary instrumental makeup as Matthew Sweeney, as per always, delivers the vocal goods across a sensational earworm of a melody.

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