The Fluids - "New Land Sale" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Jordan Kuyper

Nothing says New York like loud, cutting edge rock and the Fluids offer a textbook case on a new single.

Brooklyn's the Fluids will release their debut album No Kidding! on 27 October but have a brand new single, “New Land Sale", out now. Laced with early post-punk's noisy fury, frenetic, bludgeoning guitars and drums that hit harder than a thousand heavy metal albums falling from a skyscraper, the song encapsulates the panic and predicaments of contemporary life with Beat-inspired urgency. Its simple but forceful statement burns an indelible mark into the ears and minds of listeners with the wisdom and audacity of youth.

“New Land Sale" is indicative of the noisy adventures the outfit get up to on the full-length album but it's not the whole show. No Kidding! is a moody, musically diverse affair that almost singlehandedly restores our enthusiasm for guitar-driven rock while also demonstrating a penchant for sensitive arrangements and raw, emotionally honest lyrics.

The Fluids will celebrate the release of their debut album via an 26 October gig at New York's Mercury Lounge. The physical, vinyl LP can be ordered here, while digital enthusiasts can stake their claim here.

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