The Front Page: Commentary Tracking

In the last of our looks back over SE&L's brief time on the filmic forefront, it's time to champion our occasional commentary pieces. Sometimes, we hit the nail right on its pointed little pop culture head. At other instances, we voice strong opinions that rub the average movie maven the wrong way. Between our first piece on hiring talk show hosts and actual directors to be film critics, to challenging the "classic comedy" stance of one of 2006's biggest hits, the SE&L staff has never shirked its responsibility to be provocative, thoughtful and daring. The 14 pieces offered here provide clear proof of such a literary mandate.

A Critical Misstep

Parental Guidance Rejected

Plane Crash

You're Joking

Home Video's True Legacy

Bye Bye, Besson

Too Late?

Akiva Goldsman Must Die!

The Incredibly Inconsistent Career of Bob Clark

Is that the Fat Lady Singing?


It's the Year of the Yahoo!

The Tragedy of Terry Gilliam

Dim Wits - Critics and Darren Aronoksy's The Fountain

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