The Harrow – “Love Like Shadows” (video) (premiere)

Beautiful visuals complement wonderfully dark music in the latest video by the Brooklyn post-punks.

Brooklyn foursome the Harrow are devout specialists in gothic post-punk, in which their inner Cure and Bauhaus obsessions yields sleekly produced music that translates very well in 2015. And it sure doesn’t hurt when you take an ace new track and make a visually beautiful video, like they’ve done for the track “Love Like Shadows” off their upcoming new album Silhouettes which comes out 6 November.

“I wrote the lyrics for this song during a period of intense depression,” says singer Vanessa Irena. “For the most part, I prefer to write lyrics that are fairly open-ended—I think people should be able to bring their own meanings to things and I don’t like telling people how to feel. But for me, this song is about the paradox of feeling intense loneliness while at the same time being incapable of love because you are essentially floating through life like a ghost—wanting to be seen while simultaneously needing to be invisible.”