The Henry Millers - "Ready" (audio) (premiere)

The New York band might have little to do with Henry Miller the writer, but their music does hold up exceptionally well.

They might not sing about epiphanies and bohemian sex in Paris in the 1930s, but New York band the Henry Millers do specialize in some rather charming art rock/indie pop that doesn't stray far from what the Arcade Fire do. It's all there in their delightful new track "Ready".

"Upon looking back on what to say about this track, I remembered that 'Ready' was actually the first song I wrote for this EP," says John MacCallum. "We had just finished Posies, and I wanted to say something about the desire I have for songwriting. The act of making music is very therapeutic for me and I want to show that world that I was ready to get back at it. The band name was inspired by a mutual affection between Katie and myself for Henry Miller and his work. We were one day sitting around trying to name the band and were honestly doing "The ___," with objects around the house and when I had a copy of Tropic of Cancer on my coffee table, we finally landed on The Henry Millers."

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