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The Lodger, Booka Shade, Ratatat...

The Lodger

"Second album from this Leeds pop group that stands tall with classics from the likes of The Go-Betweens, Aztec Camera and Orange Juice." -- Slumberland Records

The Good Old Days [MP3]


The Conversation [MP3]


A Year Since Last Summer [MP3]


Booka Shade

The Sun and the Neon Light [MP3]



Mirando [MP3]



Council Estate [Video]


Blue Driver [MP3]


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Black Taj

Fresh Air Traverse [MP3]


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"Organic, soulful and refreshingly contemporary, Presto has spent the last decade perfecting a production style that infuses hard-hitting hip hop beats with an ethereal touch of jazz." -- Concrete Grooves

Conquer Mentally (feat. Sadat X, O.C., & Large Professor) [MP3]


Pour Another Glass (feat. Blu) [MP3]


On (feat. LOWD) [MP3]


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