The Ludlow Thieves - "Sing Me Back" (audio) (premiere)

The New York City roots band channel Midwestern gospel on the title track from their new EP.

New York City roots rock/folk band the Ludlow Thieves are set to release their new EP Sing Me Back on 11 December, and you can now hear the sweeping, gospel-infused title track below.

"'Sing Me Back' was one of the first songs we worked on, and I think it is a big reason why Danny [Musengo, singer] wanted to work with me," says guitarist Dan Teicher. "He says it reminds him of Iowa and singing in the church there. Actually, he has since been back to Iowa and sang it in the church he grew up in. I remember playing it for him one night with a few friends around a bottle of whiskey, and he just said 'we have to do that song.' It was one of those songs that came out as one complete thought really quickly and without too much mess. I started playing it for friends while we were roadtripping across the country, and we would sing it in the woods together. Now, hearing an audience sing it back to us from the stage really affects me; it's like the song is answering itself.”

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