The Midnight Pine - "Vice" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Rebecca Joelson

Shelbi Bennett is a mesmerizing frontwoman with her moving, commanding voice.

Shelbi Bennett is a mesmerizing frontwoman with her moving, commanding voice that draws the listener right into the Midnight Pine's delicious stew of psych, soul, and folk. On "Vice", slinky guitar lines, Stax-style horns intertwine among Bennett's bluesy, velvet vocals. The group will release their third album, The Midnight Pine, on October 7th via the Redwoods Music and they have a special album release show scheduled for October 5th in Los Angeles at the Satellite.

Matt Molarius (guitarist of The Midnight Pine) tells PopMatters that "the video for 'Vice' came together pretty quickly. We blacked out a corner of our rehearsal space and shot everyone individually. All the psychedelic colors and cuts are courtesy of our videography guru, Blake Raynor of the Kakalak Collective."

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