The Millenium - "Stay" (audio) (premiere)

Get ready for the happiest pop/rock earworm you've heard all month.

Wisconsin band the Millenium are coming off a successful summer that saw them win the Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands, and when you hear their new single "Stay", you'll understand why. Rooted in post-hardcore but diving shamelessly, gleefully into pop, "Stay" possesses a hook so explosive, you can't help but give in. It is a ridiculous earworm on the level of New Radicals, Vertical Horizon, and other 1990s phenoms, full of verve and ebullience. Listen, and just give in.

"'Stay' is an exciting new step for us as a band," the band says. "Coming at the changing of seasons, the song reflects on what it's like to be entering a similar personal state, shedding what is old and making strides to move. Stay has optimistic tones accompanied by the ever important and conflicting nostalgia of what once was, but what makes you into the person you are now; showing the struggle that often comes with change - do you linger, or do you move on?"

"Stay" will be released on 30 October. Pre-order it here.

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