The Naturalists - 'Home Honey, I'm Hi' (EP stream) (premiere)

The new EP by the New York state band is a welcome throwback to 1990s indie rock.

What's so great about Upstate New York trio the Naturalists is that they're so clearly students of indie rock back when indie rock actually meant something. When it was loud, irreverent, fun, and not elitist enough to be above a good guitar solo or two. Possessing a title that was probably coined during hysterical, weed-induced laughter, Home Honey, I'm Hi is a small joy of an EP, six songs' worth of rock 'n' roll that's equal parts Pavement and Guided By Voices.

"A song should just come naturally, there shouldn't be any over-complication in the writing process," the band says. "We melded really well with Paul Besch of Quiet Country Audio. He was the fourth man, his input was critical to the outcome of this record. Every song on Home Honey, I'm Hi was written off the cuff in a very straightforward manner. If you feel it, write it. It's as simple as that."

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