The Rain Within Increases Focus With 'Atomic Eyes' (album stream) (premiere)

Synthwave and synthpop cross seamlessly together on second full-length from Virginia outfit, the Rain Within.

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Rain Within will release its second album, Atomic Eyes on Wednesday, 14 February via the Negative Gain label. Consisting of 13 songs, the collection carries a dark weightiness that is tempered a commitment to tuneful, memorable compositions that keep the listener engaged throughout. It's easy to draw a line between a song such as "Realign" and peak era Depeche Mode and though the Rain Within mastermind Andy Deane has most certainly spent his time listening to the masters, there's plenty of the contemporary in his work and plenty that represents his distinct musical vision.

And whereas some music of this ilk languishes in the shadows, preferring atmospherics over real substance, Atomic Eyes thrives on variety, including the comparatively buoyant "Fear, Lies and Love", the chilly, meditative "Home" and the utterly cinematic "While I Am Here." (There's even a taste of what it might sound like when synthesizers dream of heavy metal via "Violet Glow.")

Perhaps the emotional and stylistic scope of the LP should come as no surprise given that Deane moonlights as a horror author and grew up on a steady diet of '80s pop culture, from the scores of John Carpenter to the pop-soaked soundtracks of Molly Ringwald films. With two EPs and one LP behind him as the Rain Within, Deane intends to continue splitting his time between this project and his goth rock outfit, Bella Morte.

Reflecting on this new effort, Deane says, "There's a point you reach as an artist where things really come together, and your visions become clear. Atomic Eyes the product of that moment for me. I feel I've found a way to bring synthwave and synthpop together without having to water either down." He adds, "I think I've also created a sound that is uniquely my own along the way. I think this album is going to get people dancing and being introspective in equal parts."

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