The Roseline - 'Blood' (album stream) (premiere)

Melancholic, windswept Americana exploring the various stages of a monogamous relationship.

Kansas born and bred, the Roseline produces minimalistic and windswept Americana indicative of their Heartland roots. There's something more to their portfolio than another set of strong contributions to the alt-country scene.

Underlying their clear sonic influences are thoughtful and melancholic themes driven home by a pristine, roots-laden delivery. The result on Blood, their latest LP, is a sound that comes across as smooth as it does with a bit of grit.

Altogether dark and hopeful, the band conceptualized the album around the most oft-written musical subject: love. Their take offers a deeper venture into all of its iterations and facets, whether it's serendipitous or not.

Explains Roseline frontman Colin Halliburton, "Blood is primarily an exploration of modern-day monogamous relationships -- from the first pang of a crush, through the often quotidian existence of long-term, committed cohabitations."

"Nothing is romanticized, and no focus is softened. The album also touches on ones attempt to age gracefully and the existential dread inherent in the pursuit of a creative life. These are deceptively simple songs for complex times. In the end, love may, in fact, be the answer."

Blood releases 6 October.

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