The Trucks: The Trucks

The all-female, electro-punk quartet the Trucks don't want to "sit nice and be quiet" on their self-titled debut. Damn right!

The Trucks

The Trucks

Contributors: Lindy Marie Mcintyre - drums,percussion and keys, Marissa Naselle Moore - vocals, xylophone, sound effects, Faith Elizabeth Reichel - bass, vocals, drums, Kirstin MarieAllen-Zito - lead vocals, keys, guitar
Label: Click Pop
US Release Date: 2006/10/10
UK Release Date: Available as import

"No, I won't sit nice and be quiet": This statement of intent appears on the crashing synth-punk number "Shattered". But this is already track four on the self-titled debut album from the all-female quartet the Trucks and by then it's just too late to turn back -- but why would you want to? -- because the second number "Titties" will have you hooked. How could you not be with lyrics like, "What makes you think we can fuck / Just because you put your tongue in my mouth / And you twisted my titties, baby?" A catchy electro-pop confection that provides a very steep learning curve for men everywhere, but at least it's one we can dance to. And with an infectious punk-pop sensibility that's driven home by furious staccato drums, a dual casio keys broadside, occasional guitar and rebellious xylophone, the "Ladies of the Trucks" ("3AM") continue to broach such wide-ranging issues as the threat to the heterosexual male from sex robots for hire ("Diddle-Bot") and the sweetly scored tale of female retribution with the killer ending on "Comeback". Delightfully shocking and tongue-in-cheek dancable throughout.

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