The Turbans' "Riders" Is a Breathtaking Slice of Their Kaleidoscopic Repertoire (premiere)

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The Turbans' new single "Riders" is a breathtaking slice of the band's kaleidoscopic repertoire, layering global sounds over colorful street shots of Goa, India.

When guitarist Oshan Mahony and violinist Darius Luke Thompson met years ago in Nepal and began busking their way through India, it seems unlikely that they could have predicted what their future held. Today, the Turbans is a group seven multicultural members strong, renowned around the world for powerful live shows and music that blends Balkan and klezmer styles, among others. Members can trace their roots to Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, Spain, and England, and their music is at least as diverse as its makers.

New single "Riders" is a breathtaking slice of the band's kaleidoscopic repertoire, layering global sounds over colorful street shots of Goa, India. The band notes that the song "brings together two key musical elements of the band: the lyrics, which are in Greek, and the melody, which is led by an electric guitar that has had extra frets added to capture the Arabic quarter tones. The rest of the group pumps in all their energy to keep the rhythm riding!"

Every second of the song soars, the group's collective energy hypnotic, ecstatic as each member works together to build a song with as much substance as sensuality and style. The grooves never lose steam; as the group itself puts it, "The Turbans are always on the move! Whether it's collecting new musicians or making impromptu parties and performances anywhere around the world, our aim is to bring the good vibes."

It's a goal they deliver on with aplomb: there is no shortage of light and life on "Riders", a promising sign for debut album The Turbans, which comes out 6 April on Six Degrees Records. Just what a band so eclectic will bring us on its first studio album remains to be seen, but until then, "Riders" stands out as a tantalizing first peek at a band that knows how to celebrate.

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