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The Weepies, Eagles of Death Metal, Billy Bragg...

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The Weepies

"Take It From Me)" [MP3]

multiple songs: [MySpace]

"The way Talan and Steven Tannen harmonize makes me feel totally comforted and warm, and frequently, for some reason, on the verge of tears... There's no pretension here, no artifice, no beats by Fisher Price, and absolutely nothing hip. They won't make you look cool to your extended MySpace network, but there's absolutely nothing guilty in the pleasure of listening to them." — PopMatters

Eagles of Death Metal

full album stream of Death By Sexy [AOL]

Billy Bragg

"Bush War Blues" [MP3]

"The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie" [MP3]

"A New England" [MP3]

Think About Life

"Paul Cries" [MP3]

"Serious Chords" [MP3]

multiple songs [MySpace]

The Candy Bars

"Enough to Choke on Cold Air" [MP3]

"Violets" [MP3]

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