The West Wing: The Complete Series [$299.98]

Talk about perfectly timed… we’re in a vital election year and Warner Home Video has served up the best DVD set of the season. The award-winning Aaron Sorkin drama left the airwaves just this past May and already we’ve got the deluxe treatment on offer. All seven seasons come in a handsome blue box with requisite presidential seal, organized like a nifty set of government files inside — a rare occasion where the bureaucratic aesthetic is pleasing. The bonus documentaries offer a fascinating look behind the scenes, especially the 30-minute short on the live debate between Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) and Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda). Yeah, the price tag is high, but this is some of the best writing and acting on a US TV drama ever, so it’s worth every penny. Plus, with such lavish packaging, it has “buy me as a present” stamped all over it. This is an essential addition to the DVD collection of anyone who believes in TV as a true art form. [Amazon]

The West Wing – Debate Rehearsal