The Winterlings - 'You Are Acres' (album stream) (premiere)

Photo: Courtesy of the Winterlings

Indie folk duo the Winterlings return with You Are Acres, a gorgeous collection of songs wrapped in naturalistic imagery.

The Winterlings found much success with their debut album, The Animal Groom, and now they are back to up the ante with a set of new indie folk songs that offer an escape from our urban lives. You Are Acres paints the landscapes of Washington state in imaginative detail, capturing the spirit of the geography that the Winterlings inhabit.

The band tells us that they "wrote You Are Acres while living in our motorhome on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula beside a mossy metal building we called the Cave. At night, I would light a fire in the Cave’s wood stove and we would share song seeds, snippets of lyric and melody which had drifted into our minds while we were out hunting mushrooms. The cave got loud when it rained, which was 90% of the time, so we had to really roar when we sang. We were surrounded by rusty tractor attachments and the floors were crawling with giant ants! You can hear them on the album if you really listen.”

You can pre-order the Winterlings' You Are Acres from the group's site.

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