theAngelcy Freefalls Into Their New Video for "Dreamer" (premiere)

Photo: Yoav Kedem (Public Display PR)

Tel Aviv quartet theAngelcy do it again with some soul-laden acoustic blues in which two opposing viewpoints on romance consume each other.

Without much structure in the Tel Aviv music scene, Israeli sextet theAngelcy learned early that they'd have to make their living on the road. Their tours throughout their home country and much of Europe have done them well, providing the folk band with musical knowledge and worldliness that can only acquired through travel. theAngelcy have already been fielding acclaim for their work, too, with their previous music video for "The Call" providing an inside look at what their tour life looks like.

Their newest video, for "Dreamer", however, could hardly be any more different as it embarks to tell the tale of a whole other kind of "tour" — one for a singular person free-falling through the sky. The song sets itself on a soul-drenched blues arrangement that ends up more darkly captivating than initial impressions might express.

Band leader Rotem Bar Or says, "'Dreamer' captures a moment of disillusionment, a fragmented experience made of two points of view, a slow wave of sadness coming over the intense flames of desire. It's a moment of letting go and realizing just how big of a hole you're left with when you let go of a romantic obsession that, to you, has become sort of a religion. The sound of the track references delta blues and old soul and echoes devotion, intimacy, desire, and heartbreak. A fabric of wood, tin, and rust.

"The video is the result of months of work by one young director, Indy Hait, who's written, shot, directed, edited it and has done all the effects on it.

"We never planned to release a video from our debut album now that our second album is coming up but the result was so mesmerizing to us, so well accomplished and poetic, that we just felt compelled to give it its due round in the spotlight."

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