Photo: Earsplit PR

TheNightTimeProject Proves Mastery of Melodic Progressive Metal Via “Final Light” (premiere)

Fans of Katatonia, Opeth, A Perfect Circle, and Porcupine Tree will enjoy this new video from the upcoming sophomore release by the Swedish progressive metal collective, TheNightTimeProject.

TheNightTimeProject, the Swedish outfit formed by current and former members of Katatonia, October Tide, and Letters From the Colony will issue their sophomore release, Pale Season, via Debemur Morti Productions on 28 June. The album may be ordered in North America and Europe, as well as through Bandcamp.

“Final Light”, the new single/video from the album spotlights the group’s brand of melancholic progressive rock with sublime riffs and rhythms that will appeal to fans of Katatonia as well as those who appreciate the delightfully strange turns of Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater. But TheNightTimeProject is arguably more accessible than all that, raising the question: What if contemporary bands in the genre crafted radio hits like their forefathers in Yes? Anthemic without being stupid, smart without being pretentious, TheNightTimeProject provides an exhilarating listen with this track.

The group’s Alexander Backlund says, “It’s about the relativity of time. It can feel as if life is slowing down while time is speeding up, or vice versa. We all get caught in the clasp of stagnation sometimes, and it’s important to recognize and act upon it. Time is a finite resource.”

He continues, “I really enjoy the instrumentation as it captures elements I like from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. You got the roaring organs, the big hair-metal guitars in the middle eight section together with a grunge-like heaviness and aggression.”

As for the video clip, Backlund sings the praises of Dronicon Films. “It’s a different angle,” he says, “but visually it just works so well together with the overall texture and ambiance of the song. At times it kind of looks like the cover art for the album Dirt by Alice in Chains, but with an Argentinian Viking shaman.”