They Kiss
Photo: Pamela Garcia-Aguirre

They Kiss and Sandflower Reimagine Julian Lennon’s “Lookin’ 4 Love” (premiere)

Electropop outfit They Kiss join forces with Sandflower and Julian Lennon to recreate the latter’s “Lookin’ 4 Love”.

As part of their upcoming album, Feeling With You, electropop outfit They Kiss (Anna Makovchik and Francesco “Cash” Civetta) have reimagined Julian Lennon’s “Lookin’ 4 Love”. The reinvigorated samples Lennon’s vocals across its searing chorus, also reworking the original arrangement’s piano riff into this upbeat new version. It also features new lyrics and a commanding vocal performance from New York artist Sandflower. It ultimately showcases the same emotional core as the Lennon original—a message that spotlights the hope in everyone’s search for love—while being given a new pair of dancing boots.

Its accompanying music video is similarly hopeful, gathering all manner of faces who unify to highlight the heartfelt notion behind the song. It’s the brainchild of generations—from the Lennon original to this They Kiss reworking—that began to coalesce when Cash visited Lennon in France several years ago. He connected to the original “Lookin’ 4 Luv” and wanted to reimagine it for a new generation. In New York, Cash teamed up with producer David Sisko and Sandflower to make it happen. Now, it’s the special bonus track and closer for Feeling With you, due out on 26 August via CASH NYC.

They Kiss are set to celebrate the single’s release tonight (13 July) in West Hollywood at Hotel Cafe. They will also perform on 10 August at Harvard & Stone.