Tibet - "I'll Put You in My Pocket" (audio) (premiere)

Cardiff's Tibet honors the past while moving into the future, keeping the flame of melodic guitar rock alive and vibrant.

Cardiff's Tibet plays a uniquely British brand of indie pop that draws from '90s Britpop, but isn't defined by that now often derided genre. Tibet honors the past while moving into the future, keeping the flame of melodic guitar rock alive and vibrant. The group springs from the fertile Cardiff music scene and Rat Trap Recordings, which began its life as a club night drawing bands together at various venues around town. Tibet releases a new EP, Above the Moon, on May 23rd and we have the lead single for you today. "I'll Put You in My Pocket" is a stomping rock tune with great harmonies and hard-charging guitars. It's pretty irresistible.

Tibet singer Joel Hurst tells PopMatters that the "song was written during a period where a lot was changing in my life. I had just broke up with my girlfriend and quit my previous band all in the space of a day. Most of my friends had moved to study in different cities round the UK. The song is about those feelings of disillusion and being left behind while the people around me were moving on. The idea of my world shrinking. I was listening to a lot of Velvet Underground and Lou Reed at the time hence the lax vocal style in the verse. 'I'll Put You in My Pocket' came from the idea that the few people I had left around me, I needed to keep close, maybe as some sort of safety net, I dunno. Don't read into it too much, the song was written in about half an hour!"

Tibet's new EP Above the Moon releases on limited edition vinyl on May 23rd via Alcopop! and Rat Trap Recordings.


Side A

I’ll Put You in My Pocket

My Pocket

She Don’t Know


Side B

In My Head

See You Out Tonight

So Low You Forgot How to Lose

Tell the World


April 29 - May 2 Big Love Festival, Baskerville Hall

April 30 - w/The Magic Gang @ The Bodega, Nottingham

May 1 - Big Top @ Machynlleth Festival

May 13 - Focus Wales @ Central Station, Wrexham

May 19 - Lates Music Bar @ The Great Escape, Brighton

May 20 - Paganini Ballroom @ The Great Escape, Brighton

June 3 - 4 X Festival @ Bute Park, Cardiff

June 18 - Bushstock Festival @ Defector’s Weld, London

July 15 - 17 Truck Festival, Oxford

July 17 - Latitude @ DIY Presents… Alcove Stage

August 26 - Leeds Festival, Leeds

August 28 - Reading Festival, Reading

September 1 - 4 - Festival No. 6, Porthmadog, Wales

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