Indie Pop Duo Tiger March Revives '80s Synthpop on "Either Or" (premiere)

West Coast husband/wife duo Tiger March offers up a clear-eyed meditation on love that's smart and unpretentious.

Tiger March's debut LP Hold Something may be destined to be one of the key synthpop/chillwave records of the year with sounds that summon fond memories of the Psychedelic Furs, Simple Minds and others that populated the soundtracks accompanying John Hughes films from the era. Albeit with a little more grit and darkness.

On the single, "Either Or", husband and wife duo Matthew and Annie Gleason breeze their way through a romantic splash that's undeniably infectious and sweetly memorable. With Annie's laser-focused lyrics and vocals and Matthew's shoegaze inspired instrumentation, it's a number that makes you yearn for the endless nights that new love brings.

Hold Something arrives 23 March and will be followed by a West Coast tour.

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