Tiny Fighter Explores "Hollow Talk" (premiere)

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Tiny Fighter teams with fellow Swedish artists for "Hollow Talk", which moves from quiet and meditative to powerful and emotionally wrenching.

Tiny Fighter's new video, "Hollow Talk" finds the duo working with fellow Stockholm artists, directors Alexandra and Silja-Marie Kentsdottir. The clip carries with it a certain Scandinavian chill while complimenting the tune's two-part structure. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Daniel Reymer (Ben Frost, Foals, Girls Names), it moves from quiet and meditative to powerful and emotionally wrenching. This dramatic structure is a key component to Tiny Fighter's songs which carry the listener on complex but never overwhelming journeys.

The Kentsdottirs are renowned for their visionary videos in Sweden, which are unflinching in their approach. Tiny Fighter has struck upon a partnership with them here that one hopes may carry over into other visual adventures.

Vocalist Therese Karlsson says, "With this video our main aim was to craft a story which captured both the tense quietness of the song's start and the absolute chaos of the ending. The increasingly labored dancing, the strained expressions, all of these convey a sense that something is not quite right. It all finally explodes into a sonic crescendo as I storm out of the shoot, violently pushing through the hyper-stylized film set and out into the real world."

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