Tom Lee-Richards' Distinctive Voice Shines on "Out of the Oddness" (premiere)

Tom Lee-Richards recalls a most unfortunate incident from his childhood in simplified new single that allows the New Zealander's distinctive voice to shine.

New Zealand native Tom Lee-Richards' new mini-LP, Out of the Oddness, arrives on February 23 with the album's title track being issued as a single on 2 February. Based on the singer-songwriter's love of the simple, the track is unencumbered by the unnecessary trappings of deeply layered synths and unbearably bombastic instrumentation. Instead, Lee-Richards' own captivating vocals come to the fore, carrying the listener across nearly four minutes of undeniably memorable musings from the singer-songwriter.

If the tune feels itself like something made by a true one-off, that's no accident. Lee-Richards himself says, "It's about feeling out of your element but also about enduring through that oddness. It's about the way that an experience like that can shape you." He adds, "It's a true experience about when I broke my arm on the first day of primary school, and my brother came to the rescue."

"Out of the Oddness", the single, may be ordered here.

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