Tommy Trash
Photo: Ash Lim / Courtesy of DK Projects

Tommy Trash’s “Tectonic” Exists on the Edge Between Danger and Pleasure

Collaborating with Canadian singer Kiesza, Australian producer Tommy Trash channels the subtle magnetism and frisson of the night.

On his latest single, Tommy Trash takes the thrill and abandon “Bad Habits” promised (but never delivered upon) and turns it into piano-haunted lust. “Tectonic” shrouds itself in nocturnal fog and highway tunnel whispers, hums, then throbs with the tension of limbs glancing off each other on the dancefloor. Kiesza’s voice, as always, feels aerodynamic, inflected with pressure-point precision. “Now that you belong to me, slip away into our maze,” she commands, distant and icy before pulling you in from behind. It’s the headrush friction of desire, IV-dripped into a just-beneath-the-skin pulse.

Of the song’s conception, Tommy Trash says, “A few years ago I found myself in a bit of a pickle mentally, spiritually, emotionally, creatively and it took a lot of work to get out of that hole. ‘Tectonic’ is the culmination of that work and a true representation of where I’m headed as an artist.” Working with the producer, Kiesza explains, “I began ‘Tectonic’ as a folk song on my mother’s grand piano, and Tommy Trash took the song to a level I could have never imagined…I’m blown away by his creativity and talent as a producer and definitely can not wait to create more music with him!”

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Photo: Paige Margulies / Courtesy of DK Projects