Tongues in Trees Debut 'Parallel' at Upcoming Release Shows (Album Stream)

Tongues in Trees otherworldly, abstract pop debut album Parallel will be celebrated with release shows in New York and Boston this week.

Tongues in Trees
City: Brooklyn, NY
Venue: Barbes
Date: 2015-05-27

Tongues in Trees is a collaboration between vocalist Samita Sinha, guitarist Grey Mcmurray, and drummer Sunny Jain (of Red Baraat). The trio have been playing in and around New York City for a couple of years now but they only released their debut album Parallel last week. The album is described as "dream pop meets Sufi trance [and] is a testament to the chemistry and eclectic sound of this band of three, magnetic forces in parallel, at times attracting and at times repelling, but always in line with one another" (via their bio). And the trio's otherworldly music does possess a certain magnetism. Parallel's lyrical nuances have the flow of a poem which begs re-reading. Stream the album below and catch Tongues in Trees at one of two Parallel release shows this week:

11.11.2015 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

11.12.2015 Boston, MA @ ONCE Lounge

Photos from their Brooklyn show earlier this year with special guest Ibanda Ruhumbika (a member of Jon Batiste and Stay Human and now featured on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert):

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