Tony Keats Marks the Moment "Something Changed" with New Single (premiere)

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Photo: Tamara Reynolds

After years accompanying other musicians, Tony Keats gets his own shot with Radio Sounds. "Something Changed" taps into Keats' soulful sound.

Tony Keats delivers his debut solo album, Radio Sounds, May 25. The latest single, "Something Changed" taps deeper into the veteran musician's soulful sound. With guitar lines that walk the short distance between blues and country and funky, heartfelt keyboard lines that call to mind Dr. Dog, the Band and Carl Broemel's (My Morning Jacket) most reflective work, this isn't a song that overpowers the listener. It doesn't shout. Instead, it eases its way into your ear, a gentle, clear-eyed conversation that's warm and inviting rather than brittle and off-putting.

Keats honed his writing and performance skills touring with a wide variety of singer-songwriters during his 20s. Alternating between road work and waiting tables, he held tight to his dream, turning those experiences and hopes into some of the songs that appear on this forthcoming LP. The radio-ready material (that title is no accident) was tracked in Nashville with the help of Keats' friend Dave Coleman.

As for the new single, Keats offers this: "That song was inspired by the idea of someone finding something before they are ready for it, then later growing to know it is right for them. In this case it's about love but the same can be said about a lot of things., piano lessons, or hot peppers. I try to let the current me leave doors open for the future me because there is so much the past me doesn't know."

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Jedd Beaudoin

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