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Trailer Trash Tracys Blend World Beats with Dream Pop on "Siebenkäs"

Photo: Amanda Fordyce

Trailer Trash Tracys work some magic with Latin rhythms and dream pop on their new single "Siebenkäs".

London's Trailer Trash Tracys are releasing their first album in five years as Althaea comes out August 11th on Double Six Records. Lead singer Susanne Aztoria’s vocals are dreamy and gorgeous, underpinned by delicate, shuffling beats and shimmering little bursts of bright sounds on their new single "Siebenkäs". Meanwhile, the Latin percussion gives the tune its forward motion and makes this music stand way out from the rest of the dream pop pack.

Trailer Trash Tracys' Jimmy Lee says of the video, "The narration for the video was supposed to be a rivalry between people who represent the moon, and people representing the 'tiger', which features prominently in Philippine folklore. The video, however, has parallel meanings. Not to give too much away, we kept the narrative loose. The moon in the video could metaphorically represent knowledge (represented by the illumination) or something more spiritual. In fact, I liked the idea of the moon falling to earth, and people passing it around like a toy.

"I was initially influenced by a scene in Woody Allen's Sleeper film in which a group of hedonists enjoy a futuristic drug shaped like a ball. I wanted to echo some of the political issues surrounding the death penalty for drug users in the Philippines as well.

"The video was shot in various locations around Manila -- a lake, a cave, rural roadsides and remote areas -- and features various artists I befriended -- the Hernandez Brothers, Nika Dizon, Keren Oo, Juluis Valledor, Cenon III and Mavs."

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